26 Feb 2017

PHP CRUD Tutorial (part 1)

Creating CRUD grid is a very common task in web development (CRUD stands for Create/Read/Update/Delete). If you are a senior web developer, you must have created plenty of CRUD grids already. They maybe exist in a content management system, an inventory management system, or accounting software. If you just started web development, you are certainly going to experience lots of CRUD grids' creation work in your later career.

The main purpose of a CRUD grid is that enables users create/read/update/delete data. Normally data is stored in MySQL Database.PHP will be the server-side language that manipulates MySQL Database tables to give front-end users power to perform CRUD actions.

In this tutorial series, we will go through steps of a creating PHP CRUD grid. We want to demonstrate how PHP as a server side language, communicates with backend MySQL, and meanwhile renders front-end HTML. We hope you can learn something from this tutorial.